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Alcoa in Greenland

Alcoa is negotiating with Denmark over building an aluminium smelter there. But they are demanding a site licence of 80 years PLUS they don’t want to pay tax for that period either.

Greenland wants the plant to be based in Maniitsoq, West Greenland. It will be the Danish government who will finance it, and it is expected to be a huge financial venture for them. In order to reduce costs, Alcoa want to bring in 100 workers from China to build it. Trade unions in Denmark and Greenland are not amused…

And more about Alcoa – in Iceland, fluoride pollution from their Fjardaál plant in East Iceland contaminated grass used for feeding sheep, dairy cows and horses this summer. Luckily, fluoride levels are lower in hay produced from the contaminated grass, although they are still too high for dairy cows.

NHS in shambles

Although I now live in Iceland, I still have many friends in the UK who I keep in contact with. And I’ve decided that the NHS health system is scarcely functioning. Listen to these stories:
One elderly woman in Sussex went into hospital to have a shoulder replacement done. Except it wasn’t done, as the hospital didn’t have the correct equipment. She will now be transferred to another hospital, where she will have to go through the whole waiting process again.
Another woman who suffered severe pain about 6 hours after eating spent a month being fobbed off by doctors that nothing serious was wrong with her. On her second visit to Addenbrookes Hospital, she was finally admitted – and they discovered a huge tumour in her bowel. She died in June, four months later.
Another woman was finally admitted to hospital yesterday after having been in severe pain for several months and after having lost a considerable amount of weight. She has suspected cancer. Her daughter and husband had been trying to get her medical care for months, but to no avail.
I have also heard of incidents at Truro hospital, due to ineptness and shortage of staff.
I think there should be obligatory assertiveness courses on “how to stand up to health professionals” that everyone ought to take at age 60. It’s no good saving the NHS in its present form if it isn’t worth saving. We need to CHANGE current practices.