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More on whaling

My article on the campaigns against Iceland’s hunting of fin whales and minke whales is now up here

Since I first submitted the article a week ago, another fourteen fin whales have been caught, in addition to the one that was brought back last Tuesday. Four came back today.  That’s a lot. There have also been campaigns against buying fish from HB Grandi, as the main protagonist behind the whaling also has links to the board of that company. AVAAZ, for instance, is targeting a German supermarket chain to stop buying fish from HB Grandi. But there will also be a pro-Iceland seminar on Thursday in Germany, when someone from Iceland will talk about the “Iceland responsible fisheries” initiative.

Back to my next article, on whether Iceland’s energy can really be termed renewable.

At some point, I might upload a photo of some IFAW protestors when the first dead fin whale was brought back. But not now, as my post keeps disappearing.

Article now up on renewed push for aluminium plants in Iceland

Check out my latest article for Inter Press Service on the Icelandic government’s renewed push for aluminium plants and power plants. In addition to what is in the article, other obstacles are still in the way for Helguvik: the problem of transmission lines has not been solved and, according to investigative journalist Sigrun Davidsdottir who found the information in a new report by the plant owners Century Aluminium, financing has not been procured for the plant.