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Fin whale testicles in Icelandic beer

Yes, you read correctly. The Icelandic micro-brewery Steðji, which this time last year brewed a special beer containing fin whale meal for the traditional Thorrablot celebrations that start in late January, have this time started to use one fin whale testicle in each brew of the special beer called Hval 2 (Whale 2) for this year’s Thorrablot celebrations.

Last year the West Iceland public health authority banned the beer last year as the whale meal contained innards and parts of the intestine. A few days later the fisheries, agriculture and “environment” minister, Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, overturned the ban. The beer quickly sold out. A few months later, the Ministry of Industry and Innovation confirmed the decision of the public health authority to ban the beer containing whale meal.

Not to be deterred, the brewery decided to develop a new whale beer as it had received many requests to do so. The result was the testicle beer. The public health authority cannot take action this time as they say that fin whale testicles (and fat) are appraised by Iceland’s Food and Veterinary Authority. Thus they do not comprise a health risk.

Nevertheless, it’s thoroughly disgusting.