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Paris Agreement omits emissions from various sectors

The recently agreed Paris Agreement at COP21 is a positive step to combating climate change, and should be applauded – especially in comparison to previous attempts such as the Copenhagen summit in 2009.

But many factors were not included. For instance, emissions due to livestock agriculture, shipping, aviation and permafrost were not mentioned. All of these are important.

And some of the US Republican candidates for the Presidential elections next year have said they will tear up the Agreement if they are voted into power.

Iceland’s Environment Minister, Sigrun Magnusdottir, has said that she doesn’t know how Iceland will implement the 40% reduction in CO2. Which is on par with Iceland’s broad aims rather than actual proposals submitted to the IPCC before the Paris summit.

On the plus side, emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) were included for the first time. This is something that the Nordic countries had been pushing for.