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Nordic countries support UN’s sustainable development goals

I’ve just written an article about how the PMs of the 5 largest Nordic countries – Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland – have put together a joint platform called Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges, which is designed to use examples from the Nordic countries to help achieve the UN 2030 Agenda and its associated 17 sustainable development goals (SDGS).

The two-year initiative focuses on 6 flagship projects – sustainable cities, energy, climate change, food, gender and welfare – and covers most of the 17 SDGs. The Nordic Council of Ministers also co-hosted the recent World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki, but the circular economy – which is a buzzword in environmental circles nowadays and many see as a key to achieving the SDGs – is hardly mentioned in the information associated with Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges. Still, in the run-up to the Finnish forum the Nordic council produced a special online newsletter on how the circular economy can help achieve the SDGs.

Maybe I should write another article about that subject…

As an aside, Sweden has just announced that it aims to become carbon-neutral by 2045 – a lofty but worthy declaration.