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Norwegian consultancy Multiconsult say that Euro 5 million will need to be spent on the beleaguered silicon metal plant in Helguvik, Southwest Iceland, if it is to meet the criteria imposed by Iceland’s Environment Agency to bring it back into operation. However, an additional Euro 20 million will be needed to bring it up to Best Available Technology standards. Apparently the furnace itself is well designed and good quality, but the associated equipment is cheap and inferior and the cause of frequent mishaps and the main cause of the odour pollution found in the locality.

United Silicon have clearly had enough and are looking for buyers. Eight to ten companies have supposedly expressed interest in buying the plant, including several big names in the industry. United Silicon say that talks will start in the new year with prospective buyers.

Meanwhile, the PCC silicon metal plant in North Iceland is facing delays because of construction delays. It will not start operation until some time in February, but was originally meant to start up in mid-December.

Comments on: "Buyer wanted for United Silicon’s plant in Iceland" (2)

  1. […] end has come for United Silicon. They have requested bankruptcy. The moratorium they were given ends today, and last night the Icelandic press reported on latest […]

  2. […] Stakksberg has been rectifying some of the problems with the smelter identified by the EA, and has been trying to find a buyer for almost two years. The smelter’s original owner, United Silicon, went bankrupt in January 2018, but in December 2017 they too were searching for buyers. […]

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