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More writing

My first new piece on environmental news from Norway was published today on ENDS Europe¬† ( It’s a new development for me, as previously I was only writing news from Iceland a few times a year for them, but now I’m monitoring news in Sweden and Norway too (yes, in Swedish and Norwegian as well as English)! My first piece on Swedish news went up last week, from memory. It’s quite challenging (especially regarding deadlines, as the Swedish/Norwegian personnel I correspond with probably leave work at 2 p.m. Icelandic time and ENDS news is usually published same day) but rather interesting.

New article up on DIY energy

My Inter Press Service article just went up, on fuel from agriculture in Iceland. It’s called “Iceland finds new power in farms” and is at .

Hello world!

Hello. This is my new site, which I want to use primarily as a platform to let people know about articles or other news I’ve written, although sometimes I might discuss issues that I think deserve closer investigation. I live in Iceland, so my articles usually focus on Iceland.

Besides writing, I also translate from Icelandic to English, edit texts and correct bad English.