Musings, politics and environmental issues


A biologist by training, I now spend most of my time working in areas to do with publishing ā€“ writing, translating, proofreading, editing, etc. My focus when writing is on environmental and peace issues, although I also write on many other subjects connected with Iceland. I have published papers in peer-reviewed journals and have improved the English of both academic theses and papers for publication.

Here are some websites I write for/have written for: In-Depth News/International Press Syndicate, Al Jazeera, Inter Press Service and ENDS Europe. The list of articles I’ve written for IPS can be seen here, the list for Al Jazeera here and those for IDN/International Press Syndicate here. I am currently writing extensively on environmental policy issues from Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway for ENDS Europe.

I have lived in the UK, Australia and Iceland and am fluent in Icelandic.

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  1. heard pccbakki declared force majeure on si shipments

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